Research has shown that CBD is a viable solution for insomnia and other sleep disorders. With numerous benefits that promote better sleep cycles and reduce difficulties with falling asleep, CBD actually works two-fold when it comes to improving overall quality and length of sleep. Based on this research, we’ve formulated two categories of CBD teas that both aid in insomnia but are taken at different times of the day. This ensures convenience when integrating CBD tea into your daily routine.

Benefits of CBD for Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders

CBD’s renowned ability to reduce anxiety and pain really pacifies difficulties when it comes to falling asleep as well as improving sleep quality. Many who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders have trouble falling asleep due to anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. Preclinical research has also shown promising results when it comes to CBD increasing overall sleep durations as well as improving insomnia.

Preclinical studies have discovered therapeutic potential when it comes to improving REM sleep abnormalities in those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and PTSD. REM behavior disorder is something experienced by those with Parkinson’s disease that results in people physically acting out during dreaming and REM sleep. CBD may reduce REM behavior disorder while also reducing pain and improving sleep quality.

Modest doses of CBD can actually be alerting– CBD activates the same adenosine receptors as caffeine. Taking CBD during the day can reduce daytime sleepiness while improving alertness. This is interesting since several patients with sleep disorders have reported a balanced effect that improves quality of sleep when taking CBD prior to bed.

Cadence CBD Teas for Your Morning Routine

Our CBD teas are designed to be taken once a day in order to receive your daily dose of CBD. For those who enjoy drinking tea in the morning, we have moderately-caffeinated teas that counter the sedating effects of CBD while boosting alertness. The wonderful thing about our medium-caffeinated CBD teas is that those who experience anxiety from consuming caffeine can enjoy all the benefits without feeling anxious or on edge. CBD actually impedes and slows the breakdown of caffeine resulting in a natural alertness that lasts throughout the day.

When steeping your morning tea, we suggest taking that five minutes as time to focus on the positivities that enrich your life, formulating goals for the day, and simply being mindful. Starting your day with gratitude and positivity can make all the difference when it’s time to go to bed. This instills healthy habits that inevitably benefit your sleep cycles.

Cadence CBD Teas for Your Bedtime Routine

We’ve formulated relaxing, caffeine-free CBD teas that are perfect for any bedtime routine. Whether you enjoy your tea right before bed or a few hours prior, our caffeine-free CBD teas relieve any difficulties stemming from chronic pain, anxiety, or stress. Regardless of what your insomnia is caused by, chances are that CBD can mitigate some of the symptoms to ensure better sleep. Our caffeine-free teas are crafted with organic rosehips and hibiscus. Both these ingredients are packed with antioxidants that can aid in helping the healing benefits of CBD. Recovering your rhythm while you enjoy enhanced sleep can improve your overall health, helping you wake up in better condition.

When steeping your nightly tea, we suggest taking the five minutes to meditate. Clear your mind of all the worries and stresses from your day, focus on your breathing, and simply be present. Enjoy the soothing sounds and smells of your surroundings and let go of any tensions. Reflecting on what makes you grateful and releasing negative thoughts will further boost the anti-anxiety effects of your CBD tea, priming you for a good nights sleep.

How CBD Affects Patients Differently

Our endocannabinoid deficiencies and cannabinoid sensitivities differ from individual-to-individual. It’s important to understand that each person reacts differently with CBD. Some find CBD tea incredibly alerting while others find it very sedating. The self-discovery process makes experimentation necessary to find which option of CBD tea is better for you and your sleep cycles. Be patient in finding the right way to implement CBD tea into your lifestyle. You may enjoy CBD only in the mornings, only in the evenings, or a mixture of both!

Another significant thing to note is that since CBD interacts with people differently, you may or may not feel immediate results with your insomnia. Some patients report instantaneous results while others have reported subtle, improving results that can take a few weeks to a month. Dosage also can vary from patient-to-patient. While 10mg is a great starting point for many, you may need to decrease or increase the dosage. This can be varied by how long you steep our CBD tea or adding a second tea bag.

Contact Us for More Information Regarding CBD and Insomnia

Since CBD is a relatively new medicinal breakthrough, we’re committed to providing up-to-date research on insomnia and CBD. This is a continuous learning process for all of us and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have! Contact us today for more information!