A recent study conducted at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran was published in the International Journal of Cancer to determine a link between drinking hot tea and esophageal cancer. The study included more than 50,000 subjects that were aged 40-75, tracking the temperature of tea they drank along with their overall health. Their study concluded that participants who drank their tea warmer than 140 degrees Fahrenheit and consumed more than 700mL of tea daily were 90% more likely to develop esophageal cancer. This number was compared to participants that drank less tea at temperatures below 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Correlation Between Hot Beverage Temperatures and Esophageal Cancer Risk

A 2018 study published in Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that individuals who also smoke or drink alcohol have a two to five times higher risk of developing esophageal cancer when drinking hot or burning hot tea. While more studies are needed to make conclusive statements, these two studies are showing a direct correlation between consuming hot beverages and esophageal cancer. Researchers hypothesize that hot beverages may damage the esophagus lining while causing repeated irritation and inflammation. This could be the reason behind escalated esophageal cancer.

Best Tea Brewing Practice: Prioritizing Your Health

We love drinking our tea piping hot but always believe in prioritizing our health. Since our tea brew times are a bit longer (10-minute brew times) in order to fully infuse the CBD, this is a great opportunity to ensure you’re ingesting the right temperature. Letting your tea brew longer not only gives the CBD a chance to fully absorb into your tea, but it also presents an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Take the time to reflect on your day, practice deep breathing, and really let go for this small duration of the day.

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