Our founder’s girlfriend’s parents visited from Texas this past weekend. Her father recently experienced a gallbladder issue that required surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery wasn’t completely successful and ultimately impacted his spine. After this poor surgical experience, her father was having trouble sleeping and hated his pain management regimen. While he didn’t mind taking Morphine and other opiates while he was in the hospital, he’d rather take something less impactful now that he’s out of hospital care.

Experimenting with Cadence CBD Tea for Improved Sleep

Her father decided to try our tea while he was in town in an effort to improve his sleepless nights. He tried one of our standard 10mg CBD isolate chamomile teas and didn’t experience any improvements. The next night, we made him a special 50mg CBD isolate chamomile tea which provided him with six uninterrupted hours of sleep. That may not seem like a lot, but it was a great benefit to him and something he hadn’t experienced since before his surgery. This is a great example of how individual dosage does vary and while 10mg may be the perfect amount of some, others may require a significantly higher dose to experience the benefits. He placed a specialty order for a subscription package of 50mg CBD isolate chamomile tea in the hopes for improving his sleep consistently.

Client Background and Experiences with CBD

Her father lives in Texas and is receiving treatment from Bayler. Bayler requires their patients that are receiving pain management treatment to sign a contract that states they won’t use non-prescription medication including all THC products. Due to this contract, he is unable to try THC for pain relief or use any full-spectrum products. This has made CBD the next best solution for experimenting with cannabinoid therapy.

Back home, her father uses a CBD isolate tincture to aid in pain management. A 500mg CBD tincture bottle was only lasting two to three days and didn’t help with his disrupted sleep. This is another example that different CBD products can provide different benefits for different people. Some products may better aid in certain conditions, making the self-discovery process so important. We believe that the therapeutic properties of tea and CBD can play off each other, helping optimize certain benefits.

A Continued Effort for Better Sleep

We’re so humbled that we were able to offer her father at least one night of improved sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a powerful impact on the mind, body, and soul, making better sleep a goal for many. We hope that his special 50mg CBD tea subscription empowers this benefit and we look forward to seeing his sleep progression in a few months. We’d love to share a follow-up on his experience!

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