Our long-term goal in regards to sustainability and lowering our carbon footprint is to ensure everything is 100% compostable. We strive to maintain complete transparency, making it important to us to share our intent as well as our current packaging standards. As of now, the tea leaves, tea bag, and shipping envelope are compostable. However, the thermal stickers we are currently using for shipping may not be. There are compostable, BPA-free thermal stickers available but we aren’t entirely confident in the manufacturer.

Current Tea Packaging Standards and Asks

While we continue to make strides towards our long-term goal of 100% compostability, we don’t want to compromise your compost with our thermal sticker. Until we are 100% confident that these thermal stickers can be composted, please recycle the envelope with the label. If you’d like to take the extra step to remove the label, the envelope is compostable but the label itself should always be recycled.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We’re always open to sharing ideas in order to ultimately become as sustainable as possible. If there are alternative options that you’d like to pass on, please contact us! When we have successfully accomplished our compostable goal, you’ll be the first to know!

For more information regarding our tea packaging standards or our strides towards sustainability, please contact us!