Whenever we purchase tea online or pick it up from the local store, we always feel guilty about all the fancy packaging included for something we’ll use for five minutes. This is especially true when we order tea from Amazon! The tea bags are always individually wrapped in an envelope which are all inside of a branded box. This branded box is then sent in an Amazon shipping box with shipping air pillows. The excessive amount of packaging really makes you consider the environmental impact caused by a single order.

Simplifying Packaging and Shipping: Our Intent to Prioritize Sustainability

Based on our tea purchasing experiences, we’ve set out to utilize as little packaging as possible in order to minimize our environmental impact. That’s why our packaging looks so simple and minimalistic– we’ve intended for every piece sent to you, from the envelope down to the tea, to be either biodegradable or recyclable. We’ve skipped the individual tea bag envelopes, the paper string labels, and branded boxes to really reduce our company’s environmental impact.

Future Aspirations: The Search for Environmentally-Friendly Inks

One of our future aspirations for our company, as we grow, is to ensure that all of our inks and shipping labels are environmentally responsible. Our continued mission to prioritize sustainability is really important to us. If anyone knows of any environmentally-friendly inks, please reach out!

For more information regarding our sustainable packaging and shipping commitments, please contact us!