CBD merchant processing has been a significant obstacle that many faced in the last few months. When we were finally ready to launch in May, we ran into the common problem of not being able to find a reliable merchant processor without unachievable requirements. As our fellow CBD companies pursued different merchant processors, we decided to wait to it out. From monthly revenue requirements to strict website oversights, we’re glad that this obstacle is hopefully, finally over.

Square CBD Processing to the Rescue

Thanks to Square, merchant processing is no longer an obstacle for many of the smaller CBD businesses in our industry. Square has always provided reliable, consistent processing services and we’re grateful that they have stepped up to the plate to help out everyone in our industry.

Cadence CBD Teas Preparing for Launch

Now that we have a viable payment processor, we’re excited to announce our preparation to launch! We’ll be launching very soon, so keep an eye out for our official announcement. For more information regarding CBD merchant processing, please contact us!