Considering your global footprint should be a priority among any company. We believe in prioritizing sustainability over profit, making the intentional effort to ensure all of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. One of our goals is to find a way to plant trees in order to offset our carbon emissions from shipping. We’ve made every available effort to make conscious decisions regarding all components of our tea packaging.

Prioritizing Sustainability and Lowering Our Global Impact

Our team is dedicated to lowering our global impact. Our tea bags are unbleached and composed of natural paper fiber, offering a completely biodegradable product. All of the packaging from the mailer down to the tea containers are all recyclable or compostable. We’ve made sure to only include the bare minimum in terms of packaging in order to reduce overall waste. We’ve committed to minimizing plastic as well.

Promoting Client Health Without the Environmental Cost

We’re devoted to the continued effort of minimizing our global impact and will always try to find more sustainable practices. We’re proud to provide an incredible health and wellness process that doesn’t come at a high cost to our environment.

For more information regarding our sustainable practices, please contact us!