Allow me to introduce myself. My name is ChristiAnne and I’m part of the taste testing team for Cadence CBD Tea. I’ve worked with Nick, the owner of Cadence CBD Teas, for a little over three years now, on various outside projects related to marketing. You may have read a couple of blogs that I wrote in the past when we were going through the flavor selection for Cadence in the beginning.

A Quick Update on CBD Tea Taste Testing

I thought it would be a good time to give a quick about some of the things that have been happening on the tea testing side at Cadence. Just recently, while tasting the latest CBD tea flavors, I had an experience that made reflect on my processes for tea preparation.

Tea Preparation

I once read an article that compared making the perfect cup of tea to creating a beautiful peace of art. The article explained in detailed how everything from the size of tea leaves to the temperature of the water affects the outcome of the tea.

Since then, I’ve always prepared my tea in the same way. I heat the water until it boils, pour it over the tea bag, and place a lid on the cup while it steeps. But one thing I never did was pay attention to how long I allowed my tea to steep. I’ve read that if you let tea steep for too long, it can allow too many tannins to infuse into the water and make it taste bitter. However, I’ve never really been one to mind a more bitter taste; in some cases, I actually enjoy it.

Experimenting with Longer Steeping Times

If I had to guess, I would say that I usually allow my tea to steep for about five minutes or so before I drink it. But with this last batch of CBD tea, I tried something different. I let the tea steep for much longer than usual, probably well over ten minutes.

Experts would say that this would result in a bitter tasting tea. However, I was surprised to find that the tea actually tasted less bitter than it did it in the past. I believe this was because the bitterness of the water soluble CBD was harder to identify. Since the tea was stronger and more tannic, it masked the taste of the CBD pretty well. We’ve experienced similar results in the past by using darker teas in combination with the CBD.

This whole experience truly made me reflect on my process for preparing tea. Since everyone’s palate is different, I wondered if others had experienced the same results. As we continue to experiment with new flavor profiles, I will now also be testing different tea steeping times. Perhaps one day I will have mastered the art of creating the perfect cup of tea!

Share Your Thoughts

What is your process for making the perfect cup of tea? How long do you usually steep your CBD tea? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!