After trying countless different tea leaves, our team has a great understanding of what works well with CBD isolate and what doesn’t. We’re now in the final stages of tea testing, ensuring our chosen teas not only complement well in taste but also further aid in health and wellness. Tea contains powerful antioxidants that aid in numerous health conditions while working as preventatives simultaneously. Pairing antioxidant-rich CBD with the right tea leaves can really deliver the right elixir for optimal health.

Tea Nutrients: Creating Comprehensive Benefits for Your Health

We’ve created both caffeinated and non-caffeinated CBD teas so that our clients can choose the option that works best for their lifestyle. In addition to caffeine content, picking the right tea leaves to complement the healing and therapeutic benefits of CBD was a top priority. For instance, hibiscus is a known superfood that can lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, protect your liver, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, prevent viruses, aid in menstrual pain, reduce anxiety and depression, promote digestion, satiate thirst, and help with weight loss. With so many overlapping benefits with CBD, it was only logical to offer hibiscus CBD tea. This powerful combination complements each other in taste while delivering the health benefits that anyone can take advantage of.

Special Order CBD Teas

Our extensive product line targets numerous health benefits while ensuring there’s a familiar taste that you can incorporate into your daily routine. If there is a specific tea that you’re looking for that we currently don’t have, please contact us regarding special orders! Tea leaves are so diverse in both flavor and nutrients– we’d love to help you achieve the right elixir for you! In addition to CBD isolate, we can also customize the cannabinoid profile of your tea.

For more information regarding tea nutrients or special orders, please contact us!