The 2018 Farm Bill has officially been passed by Congress and is now awaiting our president’s signature to be signed into law! The 2018 Farm Bill had a landslide of approving votes from both the Senate and House of Representatives, representing bi-partisan support. In addition to billions of subsidiaries for American farmers, the bill will federally legalize the cultivation of hemp. This is both groundbreaking for the hemp industry and the CBD industry. CBD products will now be officially federally legal instead of being in a legal gray area.

The Advantages of Hemp Cultivation Legalization for CBD Companies and Our Community

With hemp-derived CBD becoming officially legal throughout the nation on a federal level, patients will have better access to this health and wellness product. In addition to better availability, we hope that better regulation of this industry is a result as well. Some CBD companies are capitalizing on this popular product but are selling harmful products that contain toxins or higher levels of THC than stated. We hope that this legalization leads to better government regulated standards so that consumers don’t have to suffer or take on the full responsibility of researching what they’re buying. Hemp has been proven to be a superior product to cotton since it requires significantly less water, is naturally pest-resistant therefore doesn’t need genetic modification or heavy pesticides, and is more durable. Hemp farming can open many opportunities for both farmers as well as our nation.

Hemp: The Commodity of Our Future

Hemp has over 25,000 known applications offering a great alternative to cotton and plastic. This versatile commodity has a lot of potential and is the source of CBD. As the demand for hemp continues to rise, we hope that the legalization of hemp cultivation is able to sustain this demand.

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