Hello fellow CBD fans. This is ChristiAnne, reporting on the latest tea adventures. Last week, I decided to try drinking CBD tea during the day for the first time. The first part of the week was particularly stressful for me because of some projects I was handling for work, and I hoped that the tea might help me better cope with my anxiety. As a entrepreneur, I often have multiple projects going on at a time. Sometimes it can be difficult to focus on just one task while in the back of my mind, I’m creating plans for other ones, which ultimately impacts my productivity.

So I decided to try drinking some CBD tea to see if it would help quiet some of the white noise in my head. My hope was that the tea would help me relax just enough so I could focus on and enjoy my work. After all, enjoyment is what led me to pursue the job that I have.

In the past, I mostly drank CBD tea at night before bed to help me sleep. But I was curious to see how drinking the tea during the day would impact my work performance and mood while I was awake. Would I feel drowsy? Or would the caffeine and CBD combination keep me alert and focused? I had read that others have had this experience, so I figured I’d give it a try. Even if I felt tired, it would be better than listening to the hamster wheel spinning out of control in my brain. So I boiled the water for my tea, let it steep for 5-10 minutes, and crossed my fingers.

The Concoction: Water Soluble CBD & Black Tea Leaves

When I drink CBD tea, I usually notice a faint bitter taste from the water soluble CBD. However, when mixing water soluble CBD with black tea, I was surprised to discover how the bitterness was much less noticeable. I’m not sure why this was the case; there are two possibilities that I’ve narrowed it down to.

One, it could be that I expected the bitterness and therefore was already mentally accepting of the outcome. Most black tea varieties have a bitter flavor naturally and therefore it was less of a shock to encounter. The other reason is that the flavor of the tea may just have been strong enough to overpower the taste of the water soluble CBD.

I’m not sure which it was, but I truly enjoyed the flavor of the combination. I also decided to add almond milk and honey to the tea after my first few sips, which gave it a nice sweet, creamy flavor that made the rest of it easy to drink.

My Experience Drinking CBD Tea During the Day

As far as drinking CBD tea during the day went, I found that I did not experience any feelings of drowsiness, which was great. In the past, I’ve always pounded down coffee in the morning to help me stay alert and focused, but I’ve noticed that sometimes too much espresso is actually counterproductive as it increases my anxiety.

With the CBD, however, I think that some of the typical effects produced by caffeine were somewhat mellowed out. I felt alert, yet relaxed and was able to easily maintain focus during conversations and different tasks at work. I would definitely recommend CBD tea to people who are looking for an alternative to coffee or are sensitive to caffeine.

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