As Cadence CBD Teas begins the tea production phase, we’re a bit shocked to learn about all the different tea bags and the significance behind each kind. With so many different health implications, we’ve taken the time to research any hazards tied to specific materials. As a health and wellness brand, it is prevalent to not produce something counterproductive to our cause.

Finding the Right Tea Bag and Mitigating Health Hazards

As avid tea lovers, we were a bit shocked to discover so many hardships in simply finding the right tea bag. As we began this search, we found out the differences between bleached and unbleached tea bags, in addition to string vs. no string. circular bags, different sizing options, new tea bag prototypes, and tea sticks. Bleached tea bags contain hazardous chemicals that are proven carcinogens. Since our goal is for our clients to recover their rhythm and optimize their health, prioritizing unbleached tea bags is a must. Another health hazard we discovered is the staple that can be found commonly in tea bags– these stapler pins are made of galvanized iron which can lead to serious health complications when ingested. India recently banned these stapler pins in tea production due to the severe hazards posed in gastrointestinal health.

In addition to these health hazards, we also discovered that there is a significant amount of waste when it comes to packaging tea bags individually. These individual tea satchels can contribute to unnecessary waste.

Doing the Best We Can to Prioritize Client Health and Our Environment

We’ve found production companies that can do custom runs of unbleached, heat-sealed teabags. It is important to us not to expose our clients to any harmful chemicals or toxins. Heat sealing has also become a priority since many of the adhesives used in sealing tea bags can also pose health risks. During our experimental stage, the selection of unbleached tea bags with strings has been limited. Our initial concept was to include a 30 day supply of one flavor CBD tea, but after receiving feedback, it sounds like customers would prefer a variety. We thought about using unbleached tea bags with open tops. However, this would require individual tea bag packaging if we’re not able to find heat sealable, unbleached tea bags.

What are your thoughts on what’s important in a tea bag? Do you have strong feelings about bleached vs. unbleached tea bags? How about individual packaging?

Please share your thought or contact us with any questions!