The CBD tea taste testing continues! During this round of flavor testing, I, unfortunately, had a cold and sinus infection. Luckily being sick didn’t affect my sense of taste, but I was definitely interested in seeing if CBD could help me feel better. I haven’t read any research on how CBD affects viruses and common colds– all the studies I’ve read were regarding chronic conditions.

Drinking CBD Tea for Sinus Infections and Common Colds

The major symptoms I experienced over the weekend were painful sinus pressure, headaches, congestion, and a mild sore throat. When pressing gently on my sinus cavities, I could feel the amount of pressure and inflammation there was. I tried a cup of CBD tea a few hours before bed and it definitely helped me sleep better than the night before when I didn’t take any CBD. The previous night was a little restless and I woke up a few times since my nose was so congested. I slept through the night after drinking a cup of CBD tea and believe that the better rest helped with my recovery. I woke up still feeling sick, but definitely better than the previous morning. Sunday was a snowy day and seemed like a great opportunity to try more tea! I generally don’t drink CBD tea since it puts me right to sleep but I figured this was the perfect time to try. After eating breakfast, I drank two cups of CBD tea (I re-steeped my bag for an additional cup) and experienced major relief from the sinus pain and sore throat I was suffering from. While it didn’t cure me, I would definitely recommend drinking CBD tea for helping manage the pain from being sick.

CBD Flavor Profiles

I tried a less sweet hibiscus tea that worked better with the water-soluble CBD– the last hibiscus red fruit tea was too sweet and made it cough medicine like. The subtle sweetness of this hibiscus tea was nice and complemented the flavor better. I also tried rooibos and lemon tea leaves, both actually did a great job of masking the bitterness.

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