After trying my first water-soluble CBD in a cup of peppermint tea, I definitely was hooked and excited for the tea taste-testing journey. The effects of water-soluble CBD seemed to be more effective than other variations I’ve tried in the past. I typically take CBD in tincture or vape pen form daily and always felt the therapeutic effects on my mental state. I have tendonitis in my foot from a previous break and also lift weights every night– CBD always seemed to help manage pain, inflammation, and fatigue but it wasn’t immediate. Drinking a water-soluble version gave me instantaneous relief that felt more effective than other applications. This breakthrough made me very excited to try our next tea flavor: chai.

Cadence’s First Successful CBD Tea Flavor

The second tea flavor we tried was a caffeinated chai. I tried this first thing in the morning after a moderate night of sleep and intense weight lifting session the night before. The taste testing was a success! The chai perfectly covered the taste of the water-soluble CBD and tasted really great. I enjoyed it so much that I steeped the bag a second time and was pleasantly surprised that my second cup was just as flavorful.

My Experience with CBD and Caffeine

I was curious about how the CBD and caffeine would interact– I had read articles stating that they would counteract each other and could minimize the medicinal benefits of CBD. I’m also very sensitive to caffeine; it can make me jittery and anxious. I still experienced immediate relief for my sore muscles although it wasn’t as strong as an effect as the decaffeinated tea we initially tried. I found that the CBD canceled out the anxiety I typically feel when consuming caffeine and experienced a nice alertness throughout my workday.    

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