As we delve into more CBD tea taste testing, the next category of tea leaves we wanted to explore was fruit forward flavors. I’m more of a fruity tea drinker since they’re typically decaffeinated and I enjoy drinking a cup of tea after my nightly workout right before bedtime.

Drinking CBD Tea at Night

It’s really interesting how CBD can affect people differently due to our individual cannabinoid levels and sensitivities– CBD in modest doses is supposed to be mildly alerting. According to Project CBD, a wonderfully comprehensive resource on CBD, cannabidiol actually activates the same adenosine receptors as caffeine. They also mention that many patients with sleep disorders who take CBD a couple hours before bedtime have reported better sleep! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Testing Fruit Flavored Teas with Water-Soluble CBD

The first fruit forward flavor we tried was raspberry. This, unfortunately, did not mask the bitterness of the water-soluble CBD. Similarly to the peppermint tea we first experimented with, the flavor was just not potent enough. Perhaps adding another fruit profile or honey crystals could round out the flavor more. The next fruity tea flavor we tried was blueberry cinnamon. I personally loved this flavor combination! I find that some fruity teas can be overly sweet– this was a great balance of blueberry and spice. It honestly tasted a bit more herbaceous and was a great way to end my evening. The last fruit tea we tried was a red fruit and hibiscus tea. This is the first tea with mixed feedback– others loved the combination of sweet and bitter. I, however, found it too sweet and that the contrast almost resembled cough syrup. I’ve never been a huge fan of hibiscus so this could definitely have an impact on my taste perception.

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