Pricing is such an important part of marketing any product. We understand that the right price is mutually beneficial and when it comes to CBD, there seems to be a significant disparity in pricing. Cadence CBD Teas has been meticulously engineered to provide the proper CBD daily dosages in order to alleviate endocannabinoid deficiencies and aid in chronic conditions.

Water-Soluble CBD Benefits vs Other Forms of CBD

Our bodies are 60% water, making water-soluble compounds much more effective. This is true for vitamins and is definitely true when it comes to CBD. Water-soluble CBD is 100% bioavailable meaning your body is able to absorb all of it. Lower dosages of water-soluble CBD offer the same desired effect as a considerably higher dosage of CBD oil. The absorption rate is the reason behind why CBD oil is suggested in higher dosages. The effectiveness of water-soluble CBD makes our teas much more cost-effective while ensuring our clients obtain proper dosage.

Cadence CBD Tea Pricing vs Other CBD Tea Brands

Tea is definitely a more approachable means of taking CBD– that’s why there are a wide variety of CBD tea companies. We’ve designed our teas as a monthly subscription box for $59.99 a month. Each box contains 30 teas with 10mg of water-soluble CBD per cup. We use non-bleached tea bags with premium, ethically-sourced tea leaves that offer the most delicious flavors for your daily routine. We believe that 10mg of CBD daily is the proper dosage for the majority of individuals suffering from endocannabinoid deficiencies and chronic conditions– that’s why we’re offering our product at $2 a cup.

Buddha CBD Teas, one of our favorite competitors, offers their product at $1.11 per cup but only contains 5mg of CBD. Fleurs’ teas are available at $2 a cup as well but only contain 7mg of CBD. Black Momma has a CBD tea with 10mg of CBD but is available for $2.50 a cup. Another popular CBD tea company, The Brothers Apothecary, has one of the highest CBD dosages– they offer $5 a cup teas with 40mg of CBD. This high dosage of CBD is definitely beneficial for more serious conditions but isn’t needed by the majority of the population.

Focusing on Quality and Dosage

Cadence CBD Teas prioritizes the proper dosage of CBD so that our customers aren’t overspending. Our product is designed to make taking CBD easy and effective. By incorporating one cup of our tea into your daily routine, you’ll put an end to endocannabinoid deficiency and experience a better, healthier lifestyle. Our subscription boxes are easy to customize based on taste preference and offer an auto-ship option so you’ll never have to worry about reordering.

For more information regarding our pricing practices, please contact us!